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CORE is a casual style family/friend oriented Guild on the Oasis Server. If you are looking at our guild as a future home you must understand that our love for our family and each other is much more powerful than any want for leveling, experience or loot. We all have jobs and families and know that REAL LIFE COMES FIRST! Our desire is to have a home for those who share our goals and ideals. All members will try to make the guild a better place for all to enjoy. To accomplish this all recruits/members must conduct themselves with the utmost honor, integrity, and respect.

From day one as a recruit there are certain expections that must be upheld for future and continued membership: See Rules of Conduct in our forums.

We are a guild that functions properly and efficiently because we are 1.) a mature guild environment 2.) follow the 3 guild values 3.) and adheres strictly to our Rules of Conduct.

It is encouraged of all guild members to offer assistance to others in time of genuine need. This includes anyone in danger of imminent death and dismemberment (not for real... cause if you were... call 911... just sayin') or anyone who is having trouble with the mechanics of the game. Note the huge difference between need and want. No one is required to help others as this IS a game and is here for our enjoyment, but always remember that awesome old fashioned golden rule... Do unto others as you would have done unto you. This means you may not need help from someone that needs help from you, but perhaps one day you might... just keep that in mind.

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